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The one SIMPLE TRICK that you can use to INSTANTLY become super confident, BEAT stage fright and EXCEL with the opposite sex
An awesome method that will take you STRAIGHT into a state of PEAK PERFORMANCE – succeed in your job, at sports and during exams
The “GODIVA” mental trigger that will enable you to LOVE doing the things you usually hate – including taxes, cleaning, and working!
An amazing 5-minute PHOBIA CURE, allowing you to get rid of any fear – spiders, elevators, death, ANYTHING!
EIGHT exciting NLP techniques for deleting allergies, letting go of anxiety, dissolving arguments, getting rid of “baggage” – and MORE.

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NLP stands for “Neuro Linguistic Programming” – and it’s rocked the world of self-improvement since the 1970s.

It’s all about rewiring the mind, using the “language of the brain.”

It was co-created by Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler – and in recent years has developed awesome techniques for positively changing almost ANY area of your life, IN JUST MINUTES.

"NLP can turn around your life. This course gives you the 8 most powerful NLP techniques for total inner transformation - and guides you through each of them over 2 exciting hours. A genuinely awesome product.”

- Bradley Thompson, Self Development Network

It’s POWERFUL and completely SAFE – but NLP contains so much theory that most people never really get started. The books are too thick and the Advanced Master Practitioner courses can take months to complete.

Do YOU have that much time on your hands?

Well, NOW you don’t have to.

We’ve crammed YEARS of NLP training right down to an awesome new TWO HOUR course. We want to show you the TECHNIQUES which REALLY WORK and produce AMAZING RESULTS. All in the time it takes you to enjoy a long lunch break.

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“The Ultimate NLP Course”

NLP Techniques – EVER!
Here’s a Preview of What’s Inside
The Ultimate NLP Course”...

In just TWO HOURS, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about NLP – alongside the MOST POWERFUL methods for rapidly changing your world!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Certified NLP Practitioner Christine Golden has crystallized her years of NLP knowledge into the most DYNAMIC NLP training course AVAILABLE TODAY.

Backed by self-development leader Bradley Thompson, this course takes you straight from zero to NLP guru – in JUST TWO HOURS, without needless theory and wasted weeks of training.

Here’s a QUICK SAMPLE of some of the awesomeness you’ll uncover:

From ZERO to NLP GURU, in 120 minutes – Everything you need to know about NLP, including what it is, where it comes from, modelling, submodalities, anchors, states, presuppositions, rapport, outcomes, ecology & more!
The GREATEST NLP techniques for INSTANT life-changing results – The secret EIGHT most POWERFUL methods for rapid internal and external change
The 'MOTHERLOAD' NLP TECHNIQUE that you can use to INSTANTLY become SUPER confident, BEAT stage fright and EXCEL on dates
An awesome NLP method that will take you STRAIGHT into a state of PEAK PERFORMANCE – succeed in your job, at sports and during exams
The “GODIVA” NLP mental trigger that will enable you LOVE doing the things you usually hate – including taxes, cleaning, and working!
An amazing 5-minute NLP PHOBIA CURE, allowing you to get rid of any fear – spiders, elevators, death, ANYTHING!
The 6-step NLP “REFRAME” that GUARANTEES you’ll quickly DROP unwanted addictions, bad habits and even illnesses – in minutes!
A little-used NLP “MAPPING” trick for QUICKLY changing the atmosphere of ANY situation – end family arguments, resolve office disputes & feel HAPPIER
Get rid of your BAGGAGE – unlock conflicts and emotional deadlocks, with the POWERFUL NLP “MM” trick - even NLP gurus might not know this one!
The SECRET behind the world-renowned NLP “Counter Example” technique – INSTANTLY reduce or eliminate HAYFEVER, asthma, food allergies & MORE!

... All of these awesome secrets, unveiled in our two hour course.

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No waiting. No confusion. No trying to decipher instructions from a guidebook. Just sit back, listen – and witness the CHANGE for yourself.

"The Ultimate NLP Course is the quickest way to get started with NLP. You'll learn tricks for changing your life - in just minutes. I rarely recommend courses, but this is the best material I've found so far. Buy it!”

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And all of this in JUST TWO HOURS.

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The COMPLETE Ultimate NLP Course –

Our two-hour digital audio course covering the essentials of NLP - alongside EIGHT of the most powerful, guided NLP techniques for changing your life, INSTANTLY. All from NLP practitioner Christine Golden, and backed by Bradley Thompson.


Against the MSRP of $119.95

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Discover eighteen simple techniques for seriously rocketing the happiness in your life, from self-development author Karl Moore. Includes text and audio version.

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